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The overall mission of Heart Like A Mother is to bring awareness to CHD and provide support to heart families. In her blog posts, Amelia shares her reality of what being a heart mom is like, tips for coping with a CHD diagnosis and hospital stay, along with a bit of sarcastic mom humor thrown in occasionally. Amelia is passionate about helping others and hopes that her writing will bring encouragement to fellow CHD parents.

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About Amelia

Amelia Woods is a Florida native, wife, mom, and the Creator of Heart Like A Mother: a blog, online community and small shop supporting parents of children with congenital heart defects.


Just before graduating from her master’s program in Criminal Justice during the spring of 2020, Amelia found out her son would be born with a critical congenital heart defect.


Navigating a CHD diagnosis, temporary relocation for the birth and surgery amidst the pandemic, Amelia’s professional endeavors in her field of study were put on hold to take care of her infant.


After returning to work as a paralegal with a baby at home, Amelia began to brainstorm ways that she could express her creativity while helping the CHD community in her hometown.


In February of 2021, Heart Like A Mother launched and the online shop followed in the summer. A percentage of each sale made in the shop goes to a fund that helps support heart families who must travel for surgical cardiac care outside of their small Florida town.



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