Caryn Shender

Author | Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant


My Scar is Beautiful

Inspired by the author's daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD), My Scar is Beautiful is a children's book perfect for anyone with a scar, no matter their age or cause of their scar. Filled with positive affirmations and colorful illustrations, readers will be encouraged to wear their scar with pride and confidence and reminded of all the reasons to love their scar.



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About Caryn

Caryn Shender is a proud mom whose daughter was born with ALCAPA, an extremely rare CHD that affects 1:300,000 births. Her daughter is the inspiration behind the book My Scar is Beautiful.

Caryn personally understands the emotional impact a scar can have, and hopes, My Scar is Beautiful, serves as a positive resource for anyone with a beautiful scar.

She wrote this book because she wants her daughter to grow up confident and proud of her scar and all she has overcome.


Being a first-time mom, Caryn finds her purpose in life offering help, both personally as a mom, and professionally as an author and certified pediatric sleep consultant. For as long as she can remember, Caryn has dreamed of helping others and making a difference has always been a driving force her.


Caryn lives with her husband, daughter, cat, and dog, all of whom give her inspiration and joy.

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