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Daphne Davis-Patrick

Jovel and Jolie's Heartitude Journey

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Jovel and Jolie's
Heartitude Journey

Take a journey with a mother whose unwavering faith in God and undying love for her children helped her to find a testimony in the midst of the test.

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About the Author

Daphne Davis-Patrick has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, Master of Science in Nursing Education, and has been a Registered Nurse for twenty-five years.

In early 1992, Daphne and her family experienced the joys of giving birth to their son Jovel, and in late 1992, experienced the pain of his infant death due to a congenital heart defect. Many years later, the family faced another pediatric cardiac journey, this culminated with a positive outcome. Daphne outlined the journey in her first book in 2019 - “Jolie and Jovel’s Heartitude Journey” which is available at


Daphne was born in Trinidad and Tobago and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In addition to being married to Andy for almost thirty-three years, she is mother to Jewel, Jovel (deceased), Jahdiel, and Josiah, and is “Mummy Daph” to Jude, Jolie, Joelle, and Trinity.


Daphne has been writing poems and short stories since she was a teenager. As an avid reader, she instilled the value of reading and education in her three children. Daphne’s love for books and other literature is accompanied by her appreciation for gardening, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family. Faith is an important and integral part of her life.


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Jovel and Jolie's Heartitude Journey

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