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Emilee Jayne Wells

Author | I'll Be There | My Angel and Me


I'll Be There

I'll Be There was published on 14th February 2021 during lockdown. 
My biggest worry when my youngest son was having his open heart surgeries, was that him and his big brother wouldn't have the same bond as other siblings. I'll Be There is a story of their bond, and how no matter what they've been through together, their bond really is unbreakable.


About Emilee

I'm an author based in the UK.
I have dreamt of being an author since I was a kid, but I knew that I didn't want to just write about anything. I really wanted to write something that would help make a difference. 
My two little boys are that difference.


When my youngest was born in 2016 with two critical heart conditions, we as a family really struggled. 

I published my first book ‘I’ll Be There’ in February 2021 during lockdown and my second book ‘My Angel and Me’ in March 2022.

More by this Author


My Angel and Me was published in March 2022, on the anniversary of my sons open heart surgery. This story is about the Angel that donated their heart valve to save my sons life. Without them, our heart journey would be very different. We always call his donor his 'Angel' and that is the main theme through the story. 


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