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The Heart Community Collection is full of wonderful, caring people who are doing such important work for CHD families and patients. The resources provided in this community are so helpful and relatable. Everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting through THCC has been so kind and encouraging when it comes to my small business, writings, and being a heart mom in general. Heart Like A Mother is proud to partner with THCC!

- Ameilia Woods

THCC is not only a community of brilliant, caring, passion-fueled people, THCC is a community that moves into right-action for great impact. And you three especially, with all you do to highlight, promote, engage, position for success, and more for all of us is amazing and so very much appreciated.Thank you for all you do. Thank you for all you are. Amy, Anna, Jenny and this entire community are difference makers ... are blessings to so many.

- Thomas Dahlborg

A Heart Full of Love. I want to give my thanks to our heart community collection. For those of us were born with either a broken heart, or having a child with one, as we navigate life, we are greeted by others whose compassion and generosity give us the hope we may have lost along the way. Each person we meet brings something unexpected and original that we can learn and grow from. As I grew up, I was alone, so when the time came and I met, the three women who created this wonderful website,  I was thankful and blessed to be a part of something amazing. The members of The Heart Community Collection are full of love for the world and for the CHD community. This is a place of love and serenity.  As I look at how far we have all come, I am honored for this moment, because as a team, we become a village and a voice to those who are navigating their own heart journey. Thank you for making a loving impact on the world.  

- Lisa Colvil



What is the Heart Community Collection ?

We are a collective of CHD authors and creatives who have joined forces to bring resources to the CHD Community.

In our resource center, founded by Anna Jaworski, Jenny Muscatell, and Amy M. Le.  you will find a wide variety of reading materials, from children's books to memoirs and educational books to cookbooks on healthy living.

Does joining the community cost money?

No. We are a group of individuals who work together to support one another in the united cause of supporting those impacted by CHD. We, as an organization, do not receive money from the individuals who list on our website, nor do we provide money to those individuals. We simply list the member's preferred order link. 

What if I don't have a product, how can I still support the work being done? 

Thank you so much for asking! You can follow our social media pages, share the resources with your friends, family and audiences, and if you purchase a book/item leave us a review. We would love to hear from you. 

What are the community Guidelines?

The Heart Community Collection is a place of kindness, respect, and support for the CHD/Heart/Bereaved community and its creative members. We retain the right to discontinue membership if the standards are not kept.

Can anyone list their product on your website?

We personally review each product on our website prior to its listing and retain the right not to list products that we believe do not align with our community outreach or standards. You can submit your CHD-related book/materials for review by visiting our home page and clicking on the "join the collective," tab. 

Is there a way to view the membership agreement?

Yes, you can view our membership agreement by visiting our home page to gain a better understanding of how we work as a community. You will still, however, need to submit your materials for review and approval before a signed agreement will be accepted. 

How can I write for the Magazine?

You can submit your article for consideration to be published in CHD Magazine, by visiting our home page and clicking on the Magazine Submission button. 

Is your Magazine available in print? 

In an effort to keep CHD Magazine free and available to all in our CHD community, the magazine is only available in digital form. It does however, allow for free pdf download.

Can I list my product within the promotion section of your magazine. 

CHD magazine does not sell ad pages. Product/promotion pages in the back of the magazine are reserved exclusively for THCC Partners. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member/partner, please read our FAQ section and visit our home page to learn more. 

What kind of articles do you consider for publication in CHD Magazine

CHD Magazine believe that our voices are stronger together. It welcomes new articles and ideas from writers, bloggers, and enthusiasts. Articles should be about 500 to 1,000 words in length and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Accepted pieces will be published in the magazine and may be syndicated on its social media and partner pages. We will be in touch if we choose to publish your piece. Authors retain rights to their pieces, which may be published elsewhere. If you are interested in writing for the magazine please submit your article for consideration via our website homepage. We would love to hear from you. Because of the number of submissions we receive, we are not able to respond to all inquiries for publication. One good rule of thumb - if you are affected by CHD and a topic is important to you, it will also be important to others who are impacted. 

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