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Gemma Gray

My Beautiful Scar


My Beautiful Scar

When Lucy starts at her new school, she is picked on by the other kids because she has a scar from her life-saving heart operation. At first, Lucy feels upset, but she soon learns that lots of people have scars for many different reasons and that all scars are beautiful. Lucy helps her friends learn how her scar makes her beautiful and unique. 

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About Gemma

Gemma Gray is a wife and mum. Gemma grew up with a scar from her own heart operation and has always been proud of her scar. When her daughter started touching her scar and asking questions about it, Gemma wanted to share her experience to show her daughter and other children that all scars are beautiful. Gemma hopes her story can teach children to be proud of their scars and to show kindness to others who have them. 


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