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Jennifer Jackson

Rainbows & Storms

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Rainbows & Storms

Rainbows & Storms is a story about the friendship between two little girls who happened to cross paths and were instantly connected because of their journeys with congenital heart disease. The book was inspired by the true friendship story of "heart sisters," Nylah and Layla who met as next door neighbors while living in Southern California in 2018. While its wording is simple enough for young readers to follow, the message of "Rainbows & Storms" is powerful.


The book details how the special bond between the girls helps carry them through life's challenges, yet also normalizes their childhood, including embracing their heart warrior zipper scar.


About Jennifer

Dr. Jenifer Jackson is a devoted mother to a daughter who was born with congenital heart disease. This journey, alongside her career in education, makes her passionate about positively impacting the lives of young people.


Jennifer is a Los Angeles-based educator having served previously as a secondary teacher turned administrator.


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