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The Boy Born Blue

The Boy Born Blue: A Story of a CHD Superhero" is a story about a boy named Decklan, who was born with a critical congenital heart defect. He underwent open heart surgery at five weeks old. After developing several complications after his operation, Decklan fought hard to get through all the challenges that came his way. As he was fighting battles in the hospital, he transformed into a real-life superhero. Decklan remained brave and full of pure happiness through it all. He is an inspiration to many and teaches his loved ones to have the courage and strength to fight against anything they may face. Although congenital heart defects affect one in a hundred babies and is the top birth defect in the world, many people are unaware of CHD until their child or family member is diagnosed. This book was written to provide hope for all the CHD superheroes there are in the world and to spread awareness to those who are unaware. Either way, everyone can learn something from reading the story of Decklan.


About Lena

Lena Hanna was born and raised on Long Island and has lived there most of her life. She attended Baruch College, City University of New York, where she attained a degree in accounting and graduated magna cum laude. She has worked as an accountant since 2005 and enjoys life with her husband and two children.


It was the birth of her son, Decklan, that inspired her to publish a children's book. He was born with a critical congenital heart defect and underwent open heart surgery at just five weeks old. The difficulties that her son and her family faced due to his condition had a profound effect on her.


Lena set out to spread awareness on congenital heart defects. Her first book, "The Boy Born Blue: A Story of a CHD Superhero," follows the beginning of Decklan's journey. Lena hopes the story of her son will be inspirational and offer hope to all children, while also teaching them to fight against adversity.


Her second book, "I am Just as Special: How to be a Sibling of a Special Needs Child," is written from the viewpoint of Olivia, her daughter. Lena hopes that this story will teach siblings of special needs children that although sometimes they don't get as much attention, they are just as special and loved.


In the future, Lena's greatest hope is for a long, healthy life for her son and to see both her children thrive and prosper.


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I am Just as Special

I am Just as Special: How to be a Sibling of a Special Needs Child" is a story is about an only child named Olivia. She became a big sister at the age of four. Her brother was born with the critical congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot. Not only did Olivia struggle with the transition of having a sibling, but she had to adjust to being a sibling to a child with a critical illness. Olivia eventually overcomes her struggles and realizes that although her brother may need more attention at times, she is just as special and loved.