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Libby Andrew

Author of Living with Half a Heart

Living with Half a Heart

Libby’s book is a practical guide for parents and caregivers contemplating Fontan Surgery for their newborn baby. This book offers insights for parents who are in the process of making the decision to progress or not with a pregnancy of an unborn babe diagnosed with CHD. The pages reveal Libby's version of “a mother’s guide,” to achieving a Fontan circulation.


Libby's writes from a practical viewpoint and shares her experience, strength, and hope throughout the book. It is clear that Libby's purpose is to share information that she hopes will be useful for others in need of support and practical advice.


The book is based on Libby's experience and willingness to navigate the unknown journey of motherhood of a child needing Fontan Surgery. Libby is a mother to four sons. Daniel, her youngest, is the reason Libby felt compelled to share her experience. Daniel’s cardiac malformation was detected at a 20-week ultrasound giving her time to prepare for the challenging journey ahead.


This journey includes three life-saving heart surgeries and walks the reader through a pathway from diagnosis to birth. She discusses planned surgeries, and the at times precarious road, to a heart-healthy and heart mended (not cured) little boy.


Hope lies within her publication. Libby's thoughtful inclusion of a glossary of terms in her own words offers a much needed explanation of the medical jargon. She also includes a number of reflections, resources, and retreat ideas that can provide spiritual support along the way.


Libby hopes her book can assist other families preparing for Fontan surgery. It may be useful to all families who receive a diagnosis of a congenital heart defect for their child which requires time spent in the intensive care unit, hospital ward and beyond. Libby hopes that her handbook can assist others best prepare for hospital stays and surgeries and  provide hope for the future. 

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About the Author

Libby is a “stay-at-home” Mum based in Canberra, Australia. She has spent the past 12 years running from hospitals, to parks, the supermarket, local schools, sporting grounds and everywhere in between.

Prior to motherhood, Libby spent 12 yrs working and traveling in the Northern Territory of Australia enjoying the challenge of a wonderful policing career. Libby commenced police training in Darwin, Northern Territory before a posting to the centre of Australia, Alice Springs. The more time she spent on the job, the further she moved into the remote desert communities where she thrived. After seven years she was promoted to Sergeant and took on policing a district of extraordinary size and challenge. As with all things, she did this “her way” and usually according to the laws of the government whilst respecting the customary laws of the Indigenous tribes whom she grew to know and love so dearly.

As a young adult, Libby spent ten years chasing a rugby union football and played on the National Women’s Rugby Union Team - the Wallaroo’s. She played in two Women’s International Rugby Tournaments (Holland and Spain) and also represented Australia in the 7’s rugby game were she created havoc on the field and pushed herself to achieve great things in women’s sports.

Libby hails from a large family of seven children and two wonderful parents. She currently lives with her four young sons; John, Matthew, Stuart and Daniel, and is passionate about life and all things she loves. She enjoys travel, the beach, bush walking, and looks forward to a slower pace of life one day in the future.

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Heart To Heart With Anna

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