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Susan May

Author | Nick's New Heart

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Nick's New Heart


Most people associate heart problems with old age. However, many American children suffer serious heart issues that once were insurmountable. In the past, infants with heart defects like Nick’s invariably died at a very young age but with surgical and medical advances, this gloomy situation has changed, providing not only a positive quality of life but a substantial life span. Nick’s life has been similar to taking a roller coaster ride without a seat belt or a safety bar. No one, not even Nick’s doctors or his family, knew what was around the next turn. His story’s often more dramatic than fiction, as devoted doctors and nurses worked together with his family not just to save Nick’s life, but to provide him with a happy life. He grew up alongside his peers, graduated from college, married and became a father. Through each of those milestones has come great experiences, a deeper understanding of the human spirit and God’s love, the value of hope, love, and steadfast support from friends, relatives, nurses, staff, and doctors – and his home town. Through it all, Nick has lived and loved. Not just survived, but thrived and beaten the odds. Thirty years and counting…

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About the Author

Susan May's love affair with books began when she was in the sixth grade and made a bad grade in math on her report card. (She still doesn't like math.) Not allowed to watch TV for six weeks she filled her extra time with reading. She turned that love of reading into a passion for writing.
As author Susan Carlisle, she has completed more than thirteen books for HarperCollins Harlequin imprint medical line and recently signed a six book contact. Her heroes are strong, vibrant man and the woman that love them. She has been a finalist in the Holt and the Gayle Wilson Award for Excellence contests. In 2015, Susan was honored with the Georgia Romance Writers Chapter Volunteer Award and the Nancy Knight Mentorship Award. She has supported beginning writers through one on one critiques, judged both published and unpublished contests on both the chapter and the national level.
Susan has also published two nonfiction books. Her first was Nick's New Heart traditional published by Tiger Iron Press about her son's heart transplant experience. The second is a historical biography called A WWII Flight Surgeon's Story released by Pelican Publishing under the author name S. Carlisle May.
Susan critiques weekly with her local writing group and spends the time she is not working on her latest book serving on a United Network for Organ Saving committee and is a member of the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium. She has spent over twenty years speaking to groups about the importance of organ donation. Susan has presented workshops about promotion, rejection, time management, and memoir writing at national conventions as well as local conferences.
When her head is not in a book or she is not enjoying time with her twin grandchildren she travels, cross-stitches or can be found watching James Bond movies.



 www.SusanCarlisle. com

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"My youngest son, Nick received a heart transplant at one year old. Today, he is in his thirties, married, has a daughter, is employed and owns his home. Nice normal things. Because a family, during the most difficult time in their lives, donated their loved one’s organs Nick is alive and living well today."

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