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Tom Garz

You Can Do It! Just for Today Volume 1 Cover copy.png

This Guided Journal can Help You Get Better and Stay Better...

This book consists of “Just for Today” writing prompts for you to expand on. Writing in your own words, uncensored, is beneficial for your health and might give you the answers you’re looking for in your life. There is lots of room for you to write, sketch, and reflect on under each prompt.

Just about anything is possible – “Just for Today” - And - “You Can Do It” - “Just for Today”!

About the Author

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Tom Garz is the manager of TG Ideas LLC - writing and inventing, since 2003. "Helping to make this a better world by providing information to others on what has been done already and offer up ideas on what else might be done" Tom has a technical background, a B.S. in Physics, and has worked in variety of jobs in his life. He always has had an interest in Electronics and "fringe science". "Exploring" is one of his favorite activities. Tom has a keen interest in writing and inventing. Tom hopes you find his books beneficial for you and/or others. Tom might be available as a Consultant.

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