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Tom Garz is the manager of TG Ideas LLC - writing and inventing, since 2003. "Helping to make this a better world by providing information to others on what has been done already and offer up ideas on what else might be done" Tom has a technical background, a B.S. in Physics, and has worked in variety of jobs in his life. He always has had an interest in Electronics and "fringe science". "Exploring" is one of his favorite activities. Tom has a keen interest in writing and inventing. Tom hopes you find his books beneficial for you and/or others. Tom might be available as a Consultant.

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Living Through This Pandemic: "Just for Today" - The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected all of us, in some way or another.  All of us have been impacted psychologically and emotionally, even if we never were affected physically.  This book is probably not for those who are thriving at this time.  This book is more for those who are slogging through each day, just like me - learning to live "Just for Today".  Available at Booksellers Worldwide, Ebook or Paperback.

Coronavirus-The Inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment - This book focuses mostly on how the Psychological-Emotional aspects of this Pandemic affect our Immune System to fight off Coronavirus, as well as other illnesses.  Available at Booksellers Worldwide, Ebook or Paperback.

Over 700 Ways to Live "Just for Today" - In this book, I give you my Personal Guidelines on Living that I try to have for myself - "Just for Today".  My Guidelines give me perspective and guidance as my day and life go along.  These Personal Living Guidelines were developed over many years, from various sources, and much introspection.  Just writing my Guidelines has helped me - I hope my writing helps you too.  Available at Booksellers Worldwide, Ebook or Paperback.

Paging Dr. Within: How to Become, Be, and/or Make a “Patient Listener” and/or a “Super Symptom Checker” - This book describes the Concepts of a "Patient Listener" and a "Super Symptom Checker" – Human, Computer, and/or Computer-Assisted Human – Considering the "Big Picture" around Health and/or Symptoms.  – Available at Booksellers Worldwide, Ebook or Paperback.