Vicky Gooden

Author | My Wonder Line


My Wonder Line

My Wonder Line is a children's picture book that explores why a young girl has a scar on her chest.


Thousands of children each year are left with surgical scars. Vicky chose from the moment her daughter had surgery to only reveal the wonder and awe behind the magic of her scar.


While the book opens about a young girl’s specific scar, she meets others who also have one, albeit different and like so many of us who sometimes feel the odd one out, she immediately feels less alone.


About Vicky

Vicky Gooden lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her husband and their little one.


Vicky’s daughter underwent heart surgery at just over a year old and is the inspiration behind her first book ‘My Wonder Line’ which she hopes will support other children in finding themselves represented on bookshop shelves.


Vicky is great at getting lost on walks in the woods, rubbing dogs tummies and loves nothing more than bright, chilly days spent in nature with her small person before a stop on the way home for hot chocolate.


Vicky believes that seeing life through a child's eyes is nothing short of magical and has plans to write more children’s books. She is probably busy scribbling down a list of ideas somewhere...



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