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A Veil of Sadness

by: Anna Jaworski

Sometimes I wear a veil of sadness

I park the car and walk to the hospital I know too well

Smiling at people as I walk to the elevators and enter

Mentally preparing myself for what I'll encounter

I leave the lift with a forced smile on my face

Cheerful hellos and hugs for those trapped in a room

I give encouragement while my heart cautions me otherwise

Sometimes I wear a veil of sadness

But I try to make the veil invisible

I know it's there but I continue to move

Praying carefully; I know God's will will be done

I ask for compassion, understanding, and for patience

Hoping my words bring comfort instead of hurt

I give hugs aware that touch is needed now

Sometimes I wear a veil of sadness

Age has given me a deeper understanding

Without the veil, happiness means nothing

I know someday the veil will blow away

Leaving me a little wistful, but thankful, too

The sadness makes joy more meaningful

Such is the yin and yang of life

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

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