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Making Dreams Come True

This website and the concept of a cooperative bookstore have been years in the making. I knew, as a small press publisher, and author of several books that getting the word out about my books was far harder than writing or publishing them was. I also knew that there was power in surrounding myself with people who loved literature, who loved helping one another, and who understood the value of our messages.

When I interviewed Jenny Muscatell and Amy M. Le for my podcast "Heart to Heart with Anna" on the same day, I knew I'd found two kindred spirits but I never would have guessed that those interviews would lead to discussions that would help me realize my dream. My dream of a cooperative bookstore where authors and artists would help one another was too big for one person. It took the three of us to take this dream and make it a reality. Jenny's amazing webmaster skills, Amy's amazing enthusiasm and brilliance at social media, and me with my connections to the heart world -- together we've made a dynamic team but this is just the beginning!

So it is with great joy that I welcome our 3 newest authors! Welcome to Lisa Colvil! It's because of Lisa that I found Amy M. Le! Lisa and I were working on a totally different project when I happened upon Amy -- which just shows that sometimes things are meant to be! Welcome to Brandon Lane Phillips, M.D. Dr. Phillips is the winner of the very first Baby Hearts Press People's Choice Award and it's such a pleasure for us to have him in our group. And last, but not least, welcome to Susan May -- another Heart Mom who has written an amazing book sure to inspire and help others.

Dream big, my friends. Surround yourself with people more brilliant than you are and maybe, just maybe, if you all work together, you can make your dreams come true!

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