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Happy Mother's Day to all the heart moms and non-heart moms. Today's devotional will be extra special as we celebrate Mother's Day. I want to say thank you to the moms that created this website to reach out to others.

Motherhood is a gift

The day you gave birth to your child is the day you became a new person. It is the day God gave you a precious beauty. God provided you the wonderful opportunity to care for and nurture a new soul, and to give them the best chance at life. As we embark on our journey through motherhood, life has taught me not to worry too much on failing. It was a thought I struggled with, that is until, God entered my heart. He reminds me He is there to guide me. Know, that as you help your children along the way, God will guide you too. Motherhood is a journey. It is traveled by both you and your children and it is important to remember that God walks with you and will be b your side every step of the way. Put your trust in him, just as he put his trust in you when he chose you to become a mother. Start this mother's day by putting your faith in God and enjoying motherhood each day with a happy heart.

Psalm 127:3

"Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him."

Written By, Lisa Colvil - author of, Through the Beauty of Grace I Will

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It's been so exciting to see The Heart Collection Community growing! It's time for us to have a face-to-face meeting. Since it's expensive and time-consuming to travel to meet face-to-face, we'll do the next best thing -- we'll meet virtually with Zoom!

This will be a chance for us to meet one another, learn about each other's products, discover some fun ways to market our products, get questions answered, and maybe even win a free prize! There will be a raffle at every meeting but you must be present to win.

Writing a book is not an easy task, but for most writers, marketing our books is so much harder! Come to our The Heart Collection Community Membership Meeting!

Thursday, April 15th at 6 PM Central Daylight Savings Time (USA)

Tuesday, June 15th at 7 PM Central Daylight Savings Time (USA)

Sunday, August 15th at 8 AM Central Daylight Savings Time (USA)

Friday, October 15th at 8 PM Central Daylight Savings Time (USA)

There will be meeting events posted on our calendar on this website and on our Facebook page ( -- just look at Events. Each event has the Zoom link for the meeting. You can download the app or you can use your phone to call into the meeting. I can't wait to meet YOU!

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"In happy moments

Praise God

In difficult moments

Seek God

In quiet moments

Worship God

In painful moments

Trust God

In every moment

Thank God "

(author unknown)

Moments are everything. Each captured moment is a blessing, even when the road seems difficult. Times of challenge and heartache can also serve a purpose, and if we let them, can bring us closer to God. The people we meet and the places we experience help lead us to where we are meant to be through God's grace. Allow each moment to open a door. It may just lead to something amazing and could lead you to a new road in the journey.

by Lisa Dang Colvil

Author of Through the Beauty of Grace, I Will

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