Do Not Force Perfect Into Your life

Living with CHD often left my life and the life of my parents messy. After receiving my diagnosis, their perfect world seemed to fall into darkness. In that moment, everything changed - perfect no longer existed and they did not wish to see anything more.

I am here to tell you that a perfect life is an illusion and trying to accomplish the ideal of perfection will only bring pain. The truth is, there is such beauty within the mess. It is there where your soul will bloom. Just as a puzzle pieced together creates a magnificent work of art, you too will make the messy pieces beautiful, in your own way.

Don't try to force the pieces to fit. Don't try and force perfect. All we can do is try our best to be a kind person, to live genuinely, and embrace our "unperfect" world and find the beauty in each messy moment.

Lisa Colvil

Author of Through the Beauty of Grace I will

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Scars are Beautiful

... always.

Life is meant to be

even at birth.

When we are not aware

... GOD IS.

Sometimes it feels like we are under water

but each scar proves otherwise.

Fighting to breath

- our courage in use.

Let us be.


creating BEAUTY with our stories.

What we carry people might turn away

but for us, It is meant to be.

Scars are beautiful

- a reminder of the battle we won

By Lisa Dang Colvil

Author of Through the Beauty of Grace I will

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